sonious (sonious) wrote,


So something did happen to me, and I had a manic episode. Long, interesting but long, story short I have had an interesting past few days, but now in a more calm state of mind I can tell you. I have bipolar disorder and I'm now taking medication to help calm the imbalance.

It took quite a bit go that to happen. During my manic episode the cops were called, I was tasered, I went nuts. Thankfully they were all smart enough to get me the help I need and my family was still there for me. Now I have collected my thoughts and the schizophrenia that had taken hold at its worst time is quashed. I started to believe it was me against the world, nothing is farther from the truth. People are good and fearful, not evil and conniving.

Because I understand this I have hope, and that's what it takes to get past mental illness. Thank you all, and thanks goes to all who have shown me love and support over the years

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