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How the Fandom Should React to Ms. Banks [Sep. 17th, 2009|02:29 pm]
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Ok, now for my second post dealing with this subject matter, and most of you will be wondering why I didn't attack ChewFox or do any of that. The reason is I thought it is quite obvious who the real culprit was here, and if you don't you can watch the video again.

One of the biggest myths surrounding this is that "Chewfox has now spread the rumor that the entire fandom is about having sex in animal costumes." This is false. Why is this false? Watch the video again.

In fact I'll give you a play by play.

Tyra Banks set up the interview using her own biased defintion, and probably selected a furry who (probably in a pre-Interview) had sex in an animal costume.

1) "...And one of these couples are furries meaning they have sex in animal costumes." -Tyra Banks
2) "...Which leaves us with #1, they think you are the furries and you like to have sex in animal costumes." Tyra Banks

"Tell us about what a furry does." -Tyra Banks asks them AFTER already defining it for her audience with her definition twice.

Chewfox defines: "Furries are people who have an inner animal they like to celebrate." That's one definition I have heard, which kinda miffs the anti-spiritualists, however the 'inner animal' doesn't have to be a spirit it could be a fursona. I sort of do think a majority of the fandom has a fursona, it's certainly a better definition then Tyra told. However, because of Tyra, ChewFox might as well be a fortune cookie. The audience is going to add the word "in bed" at the end of every one of her sentences (That grin on her audiences face after Chewfox defines kind of proves that to me). She continues with expression through costume and artwork, which even if a minority of the fandom can express themselves with costume and drawing ability it is certainly something they like to do. But once again, "in bed".

"So you mean like a football game..." - Tyra tries to bring it back to the mascot thing. Chewfox confusing the context uses that to describe us as a social group who like to go to meets, dance (in bed), and have fun (in bed).

"When you go to Disney world do you get turned on?" -Tyra, Tyra, Tyra. What a little pervy you are thinking of people getting turned on at Disney World. Yes, she chose Disney world, a place that people connect with children. "You see Mickey Mouse go "Hi" you go "ooooh yeah"... Wow, thanks Tyra, I know your audience has as much intelligence as you, so I guess you had to spell out your sick fantasy for them.

No here is the big one that's been mistranslated because of Tyra Bank's earlier definitions were all the context needed. She is one sly bitch. She asked them this question, already knowing the answer, and knowing when they answered it our fandom could no longer call Tyra a liar, and instead we'd have to persecute ChewFox. Here is the question that as General Akbar would say. "IT'S A TRAP!"

"Do YOU have sex with the costume on?" -Tyra Banks, already knows the answer to this question. As my previous post already surmises she pre-screens her guests for optimum stereotype. If you honestly took the time to ask ChewFox and TomCat if they were asked about this prior to the show, I'd bet on the fact they were.

Of course, since ChewFox does, she did not lie and said "Yes" clamping the snare. So now here she is, representing the fandom, asked if she has sex in costume. Her actions now tie with everyone. Tyra has made herself clean of hate and has put it all on ChewFox. However, I am not that dumb. I have followed politics and human sociology too long to fall for this "Strawman" tactic. CSI used it on one of our own, and only later, after the person was chastised and destroyed from the fandom that THEY 'stretched the truth'. ChewFox will be lucky if she ever got that. The last thing any 'pre-Madonna' hussy who cares so much about their outward appearance they'd make a career out of it would do is admit they have fallacies. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but Tyra has more then earned this title.

And the rest just goes on about... "SPHs", fursonas, and the like. However the stage was already set.

"Are you fur real?" Tyra.

No, Tyra, they are a figment of your pre-defined imagination, just like the fact that your show is making any difference in the world at large.

In conclusion. It's Tyra's show, Tyra defined what a furry is without even them making an utterance, Tyra decided to have them on a show about sex, Tyra asked them silly questions.

Us as a fandom should come together as we have before. We knew exactly how to handle Alan Panda how he should be handled. A sicko pervert who has proved that we no longer have any association with him. Here we seem to be trying to do the same with ChewFox. ChewFox herself however did nothing wrong but be naive about how the media works. We should come together against the person who used our fandom for a ratings boost, against the person who wrongly defined us on national TV. This is why I posted that article about the dirt on Tyra. We need to educate people about this woman, and why she is a fraud. We should do as ColorofChange.org did to Beck. We should instead of attacking ourselves from within use all this energy to run a campaign against Tyra banks. Boycotts of her advertisers, try to contact people who have been disenfrancised by her before and get them to tell their story. Make it so that Tyra is seen at the end of the day for what she is, a joke.

From: (Anonymous)
2009-09-18 03:14 am (UTC)
Thank you, hopefully the sensible people out there will win against all the pure drama and reaction going on.

Personally I don't think this will cause that much damage, in the video I notice that the crowd thought the furs were a cute couple in the end. They may have the wrong idea, but at least they are not ready to grab the torches and pitchforks about it.

The fandom will be doing far more damage to itself if it crucified Chewfox over it.
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[User Picture]From: rimpala
2009-09-18 03:15 am (UTC)
er that was me btw

I vote for peace, not anger
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