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Libertarians could make a killing in NY District 24

I looked over a hotly contested battle for congress in our district. Ann Marie Beurkle VS Dan Maffei.

If there was any symbolic battle which shows the one version of evil versus another it is this one. If you take the stereotypes both positive and negative for both parties you'll see these two. The major irony of this election is that both have served in congress once before. In fact the last battle was against the same two people.

So who is running against these two? Just one, the Green Party. On the news there is already a report of a Republican supported making a large contribution to the Green candidate. The Green party candidate responded by giving the money to progressive charities with the claim she didn't want to be used in that way. As a move I find that admirable, the problem is that unlike the President election which I plan on voting Gary Johnson to help his party achieve 5% needed to become a new party, the battle between the two is too close.

On the other hand... When looking between the two, I can't choose:

Beurkle is the incumbent, she has a history of being staunchly socially conservative, however during her tenure things like gay marriage passed in the state, she's certainly not Bachmann like and seems to hold that under her sleeve in the present, her personal voting record doesn't include any gay rights (for or against). In fact one of the abortion bill she did co-sponsor which makes "fetal discrimination" illegal could possibly be amended in the future to protect fetus's from being aborted because of sexual orientation once we are able to do it (currently only for physical gender and race). This willingness to not obsess over such social believes is something which I feel should be rewarded when a Republican does it.

Dan Maffei, during his tenure there was a lot of economic problems in the area, we lost alot of jobs, add to that when he was voted out (losing to Buerkle) he gave bonuses to his staff up to 200K. He did do alot of pro-GLBT votes. However there is another problem and that is there is no opportunity to see him debate his opponent because he chose not to show up citing that it will be a free style format. In fact the debate will be between the Republican and the Green party candidate, the democrat will not show up. This is extremely unusual, and even if the free-style format isn't something Maffei may like, I'm sure Beurkle wouldn't like it either but she has the courage to show up despite it being equally unfair.

So I think I'll watch this debate between the Green Party candidate and the Republican Candidate. Depending on what I'll be probably be picking them, but Maffei has really low chances. It'll also be interesting to see a Green party candidate go mono a mono with a Republican Candidate in a debate. That's really a rare treat.

I feel the reason this election is so close is because either person elected will go against half of what Syracuse stands for. It's a city which is industrious and believe in fiscal responsibility our cost of living is low which attracts people who spend practically on where they live, even if it's not as ascetically pleasing as other cities, and sometimes snowy. We are socially democratic, we are pro-GLBT, and stand by treating people equally.

I have seen Ron Paul stickers and poster signs in the nearby area during the primaries. If the Libertarian Party is looking for a good place where they might gain some ground, I think they would find my district very welcoming in the future. I have no doubt this race is tight because of the "good pieces" of the Democrats and Republican has left this as nothing more then a party match. If you attack with the best of both worlds you'll succeed. I think Libertarians would do well for themselves to get involved in upstate districts, I wouldn't doubt you'd go pretty far.
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